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Gerart South African Artist, Gerart Exclusive Art gallery, Modern Abstract Wildlife Portrait Artist, Art Exhibition

the road...

I am Gerhard Snyman, aka Gerart and I was born in Pretoria South Africa in 1972, where I spend most of my life creating as much art as I can. I've graduated from the Technicon of Pretoria and obtained my diploma in Graphic Design in 1995 and with great uncertainty entered the world of Graphic design.


My first few years I spend cartooning and illustrating for a variety of corporate and private clients, accepting almost any job that would get me through to the next month. I have been through a lot of difficulties finding my way as a artist but I believe that made me who I am today.


It took me 12 years "caroselling" in the land of design and marketing trying my hand at nearly every artistic discipline, I was always looking for the next ride to the unknown. During this time I picked up a lot of life experiences through tough times. This I believe developed and prepared me for what was to follow.


From standing next to the dusty road, exhibiting my art at nearly any art market or festival, to getting some valuable exposure through a few art galleries I paid my dues. Life took an unsuspected turn in 2015 when I was recognized on social media which helped me pave the way to the next level of creative artistry and brought me more success. 


As a family we made the big move to Cape Town where I found new inspiration in its beauty and ambiance. I am now the proud owner of the Gerart Exclusive Art Gallery in the heart of the beautiful Franschhoek.​

''The Dream of having my own gallery has become a reality!" 

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