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Expressionist by heart...
Gerart South African Artist, Gerart Exclusive Art gallery, Modern Abstract Wildlife Portrait Artist, Art Exhibition

I am inspired by life it self and the colourfull human mind with its strange reflections! 


Vibrant, colourful, bold and exciting! These are a few of the words that spring to mind when considering the paintings of Gerart.

This hugely talented artist originally from Pretoria has the knack for combining excellent drawing with a confident and expressive style of painting that is his own.

Gerart's search for his true calling has led him to experiment with a variety of styles, disciplines, mediums and techniques. His constant exploration of his artistic self has led to a natural progression toward the discipline of acrylic on canvas.

Gerart paints with confidence and explosive passion. He play's and explores with both paint brush and pallet knife, fresh, vibrant and exciting colour combinations with each stroke. He demonstrates an unmistakable unique style and is truly an expressionist by heart.


Gerart finds his inspiration in form itself and favors portraits, figures and wild life above all subject matter. This distinctive technique and use of colour result in works of art that exude an exotic passion and capture the very essence of sensual power that any form possesses.

Praised by critics and art collectors alike...recognized by a number of exhibiting galleries, and has been acknowledged by several notable South African artists to be a great artist.

His approach leads to vivacious nude studies; the boldness of stroke not in any way detracting from the delicate nature of the subject. His Portraits has the ability to surprise and engage the viewer. Any subject that he tackles is carried to the canvas with a flare and exuberance which leaves one in no doubt that a part of the artist himself is incorporated into the artwork.
You will find a great variety of artworks in private and corporate collections throughout South Africa.

"Every colour carries its own emotion a creative expression that reflects ones being that brings forth the truth of who you really are!” – Gerart

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